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 Questions about Q. Trip

Q: Do we need to apply for visa?
A: Egyptian entry visa obtainable onboard the cruise before your pick up, that is operating by the Egyptian Immigration to all passenger of the cruise. 

Q: How long does it take to reach Cairo?
A: Usually, a trip to Cairo takes about two and half hours.
Q: Will I miss the cruise?
A: Normally Cruise lines try to make you fall under the impression that you will miss the cruise because you are booked on a private tour. We however assure you that are will always be aware
of the departure time of the cruise, and make sure you return in a suitable time. As a Guarantee, if you missed your cruise because of something related to us, we shall be responsible for your accommodation,
flight or transfer to the following port

Q: We hear that security is only provided for the cruise line!! is this correct?
A: Security is NOT provided by the cruise line. It is provided by the Egyptian government. The buses move in convoys for protection. There will be a guard on the bus and police/army vehicles in front and behind The Egyptian government take so much care of the tourism as it is the national source of income in Egypt. the tourist in Egypt is VIP person So the Egyptian police (not the ship) provide police cars, security, guards around all the buses This service is not by the ship or Cairo travel, its provided for all the tourists that arrive to Egypt, make organized tours. You will always feel safe.

Q:How will we recognize our guide?
A: Your guide will be in front of the terminal exit, holding a sign of your name

Q: If I don't have the local currency what shall I do?
A: you don't have to worry because we bring the tickets required before your arrival to the site in order not to waste your time waiting in line for tickets. All what you have to do is to give us the cost of these tickets (in Dollars, Euros….etc) during the bus ride.

Q: What are the optional tours that should be reserved in advance?
A: The River Nile cruise is the only tour that should be reserved in advance.

Q: What is the Sound and Light show?
A: The Sound and Light show is an exciting experience that you shouldn't miss. It begins with the story of the Sphinx who has been the vigilant guardian of the city of the dead for five thousand years. It also depicts the story of building the pyramids and relates the history of great and famous figures of ancient Egypt such as Thutmosis IV, Akhnaten, Nefertiti and Tut Ankh Amon. Music, lights and dramatic storytelling bring the ancient Pyramids Of Giza to life in this unique and memorable evening.

Q: What are the major criteria of hotel selection?
A: The major criteria are:

  • Best service
  • High food quality
  • Comfort and value
Here are some examples of our hotel selection: Q: What about your cancellation policy?
A: Our cancellation policy varies according to the time Of cancellation as follows:
  • 100 % of deposit will be charged as cancellation fees incase of cancellation at the day of arrival.
  • 75 % of deposit will be charged incase of cancellation before your arrival by 24 hours.
  • 50 % of deposit will be charged incase of cancellation before your arrival by 72 hours.
  • 25 % of deposit will be charged incase of cancellation before your arrival by more than 72 hours.

Q: Is it permissible to use Tipping?
A: Yes, it's permissible for guests to use tipping as a
means of expressing their gratitude to any member of our staff (Tour guides, Drivers, Representatives) for their good service.

Q: What is the solar boat?
A: The solar boat is an intact full-size vessel from Ancient Egypt that was sealed into a pit in the Giza pyramid complex at the foot of the Great Pyramid of Giza around 2,500 BC. The ship was almost certainly built for Khufu (King Cheops), the second pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty of the Old Kingdom of Egypt. It is one of the oldest, largest, and best-preserved vessels from antiquity. It measures 43.6 m (143 ft) long and 5.9 m (19.5 ft) wide

Q: What is the pharaonic village?
A: The Pharaonic village is a live depiction of the ancient pharaonic History in which visitors go on a motorized barge through a network of canals. They can also wander among the numerous exhibits which cover the Pharaonic period, Coptic Christianity,
Islam and other periods of Egyptian history.

Q: What is the Mummies Room at the Egyptian Museum?
A: The Egyptian Museum opened a second mummy chamber where the mummies of 11 royal figures from the 20th dynasty of the New Kingdom were put on display. The room is designed like a royal tomb with vaulted ceiling and indirect low lighting to exhibit the mummies.
Each mummy is showcased in a rectangular glass container that is supplied with a small electronic device to observe and control the humidity level around the mummy minute by minute.
The mummies exhibited in both rooms were first discovered in 1881 in a cache in Deir al-Bahari on Luxor's west bank and in 1898 in the second cache of King Amenhotep II's tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Both caches include mummies belonging to famous kings of the New Kingdom, including Tuthmosis III, Amenhotep III, and the last warrior pharaoh Ramses II as well as mummies of well-known queens and high priests of Amun.

Q: Is it possible to enter the great pyramid of Khufu and other pyramids?
A: Yes, it's possible but the number of people allowed to enter
The Great pyramid of Khufu is limited to 100 visitors in the morning (starting at 8 am) and another 100 in the afternoon (starting at 1 pm).


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